100% Success rate plus DISTINCTIONS

We entered 10 candidates for their first vocational exam at Intermediate Foundation level.(The vocational exams are normally taken by students in full time ballet school who want to enter the profession. They are much more difficult to pass than the graded exams as the criteria is so much more demanding).

Many of these students started in my ballet school at the age of 3 and this is the culmination of their training to date.

Over the course of a year, staff and students worked with dedication and prolonged perseverance achieving the reward of:




Confirming that we are North West London’s leading ballet school for dedicated dancers. Some of these dancers are now auditioning for full time ballet schools and we hope to see them well placed, like several of our other students who are currently attending : THE ROYAL BALLET SCHOOL and TRING ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS.
Over the course of time we are also finding that older children are coming to us to study at a more serious level. The heart of our training is that the students develop a deep love of dance and are inspired towards excellence.

Whether it is the dedicated future professional dancer or a child who just enjoys moving we provide a challenging and exciting environment for children of all ages to excel.

We are often surprised to see the duckling turn into a swan.

Girls doing their traditional cushion throw at the Holy Shrine.

Girls doing their traditional cushion throw at the Holy Shrine.

The opportunity to work towards exams gives the children a sense of achievement and the chance to work towards something tangible which focuses their training and gives them a goal.
It is a wonderful sight to witness their growth in confidence and maturity as they go through this process, although we realise that exams are not for everyone and wherever possible these children move up through the school with their peers.