St Andrews Hall


107 Frognal Lane, London, NW3 7DY

(junction of Finchley Road)

There are two contrasting but both excellent studios here at St Andrews.

The Main Hall

Is spacious, with a good sprung floor, inspiring jumping and flowing moves and so it is fitting that all our older dancers train here at some point throughout the week. Eventually, as the students get older, they transfer to St Andrews where the wonderful spacious hall helps to develop a
greater sense of physicality. It has become something of a right of passage for them and their dancing reaches a different level.

Tamsyn soars at St Andrews


The Younger Children’s Studio

A magical place where some of our youngest children dance and begin to express themselves. We transform the room with extra lights and props as well as laying a comfortable dance floor each Saturday, to create a safe delightful atmosphere for the little ones imagination to run away with them as they explore their first experiences of dance. There is a restful garden and a peaceful room for parents to wait, some with their younger children and free parking is available nearby.

Entrance on Frognal Lane

Entrance on Frognal Lane

Finchley Road/ Frognal Lane