It is important that the children have a uniform and wear their hair up off their neck, it gives them a sense of pride in their appearance.

We are constantly searching for good quality and good prices from uniform manufacturers and so people usually buy the uniform from us, there is no obligation to do so and we provide this as a help for busy mums, however some do like a trip to the ballet shops in the west end and although more expensive this can be a treat.

The basic uniform is a white short sleeved cotton lycra leotard, pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes and until they get to grade 1 the girls wear pink polka dot skirts.

Grade 1 upward wear a white wrap around skirt.
Grade 4 fuscia cotton lycra leotard with no sleeves and matching skirt.


Character shoes and skirts as required

BOYS wear white short sleeved cotton lycra leotard with navy blue cotton lycra shorts until grade 3, then navy blue cotton lycra stirrup heeled tights, white socks white leather ballet shoes (with white elastic). Character shoes as required.